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Scrapbookin Quilling Tips for Scrapbookers

If you're a scrapbooker and looking for more techniques and embellishments that you can add to your pages, look no further. Similarly, if you are a quiller and want a new way to show off your creations, maybe you should look into scrapbooking! Both scrapbooking and quilling are paper crafts, they just use paper in different ways. But you can use quilling in your albums to give it a little lift, or if you are looking for something new to try.

Scrapbook pages contain stories of a moment in time, snapshots of an event in a person's history. By knowing what the event was, you can create personalised embellishments to decorate your pages and further draw the viewer in. The best thing is, scrapbookers would probably already have most of the required tools for quilling! Drag out your trimmer (to cut the paper down into thin strips), dig up that clear glue you never quite knew what to do with (glue that dries clear is the best for quilling and scrapbooking, as you don't get white blobs left on your work) and the tweezers (to pick up the quilled paper and place it where you want it) and hole-pokey-thingy you didn't know what to call (to help hold your quilled paper in place, or if you're desperate, to use for the actual quilling), and put them to good use.

And as you'd already be using acid and lignin free paper, you'll be assured your quilling creations will be perfectly safe for your albums. Not only will your scrapbooks last for generations to come, but your hand-crafted embellishments will as well! Cardstock may be a little too thick, so if you plan on using this for your quilling, make sure the paper does not crease (you need it to curl around the tool) and you might need some stronger glue. Another problem with using thicker paper is that the layers can separate as it curls, leaving it looking shabby and with crinkly curls.

Try using a 1/16 strip of paper, as it might lie flatter in the album and not cause the pages to raise up, or dent the pages either side of it. If you are worried about your quilling being closed up in a scrapbook album and being damaged, then don't. Because of its design, it is actually quite sturdy and won't crush as easily as you might think. Just like raw eggs can be stood on when completely upright, quilling has strength you wouldn't first believe.

Flowers are not the only thing you can make from quilling . if you have boys or an outdoor theme to scrap, then you can fashion a pretty impressive lizard from shades of green paper . either plain or patterned. Experiment with putting shaped coils together to make larger figures like animals. Try making ducks for a .first bath' page, dragonflies or butterflies, fish, birds, frogs or even farm animals.

Turn your hand to balloons for a child's birthday party page, or even letters to spell out someone's name. Decorate a page with flowers and then try to recreate a watering can (it can be done!). Wedding cakes can also be fashioned, with love heart and bell accents, and why not try making a Christmas tree and decorations for a holiday page?

Scrapbooking can be combined with quilling for a beautiful gift. Why not scrap some photos and embellish them with your quilled creations? Or frame the page, to be hung on a wall. A whole album can be made and decorated with quilled embellishments: try an alphabet album to give a new baby, with quilled letters and animals on each page.

Scrapbooking and quilling can combine your talents for paper crafts, concentrating them into a pretty collection to keep or give away. And the best thing is, you will probably be able to use what you have... but it is a good excuse to spend some more money at your local paper crafts store!


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