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This card can be made easily after a short practice in making tight rolls and then loose roll shapes, teardrops, marquise and bunny ear shapes. Suitable for new quillers after practicing the basic shapes according to methods shown on here.

Quilling Project Requirements ( usual quilling tools, scissors, glue, seed beads for 2 flower centres, stickers for border if desired)

Paper strips 3mm wide :
3 strips (24 inch)- Deep green for the stem/scrolled ends and the bud.
2 strips ( 24 inch) Deep Yellow/Apricot for bunny ear shapes and teardrop flower.
1 strip ( 24 inch) Pale yellow for tight roll red bunny ear flower centre
4 strips ( 24 inch) Deep red for main flower in marquise shapes and bunny ear flower with tight roll centre.

Quilling Project Method:
1. (Tight roll) Roll entire length of pale yellow strip around a PCA quilling tool ( needle or slotted) and glue the end to become the tight role for flower centre

2. Main Red Flower- Marquise shapes: Make 16 loose rolls from the red paper strips, each cut to a length of 6cm ( method described in loose roll shape page) and allow to relax slightly before gluing end of each one to make them all the same size. Pinch the shape at each end to form the marquise shape in each case.

3. Bunny Ear shape red flower: With remainder of red paper strips, cut into 10 cm lengths, make 4 loose roll shapes ( same size) and pinch them into bunny ear shapes.

4. Deep yellow flower Teardrops and mini bunny ear shapes: Make 4 loose rolls from deep yellow strips precut into 8 cm lengths... then pinch at one end to make teardrop shapes. Make 5 loose rolls from remaining deep yellow paper precut into 5 cm lengths and form them into small bunny ear shapes.

5. Stems in deep green: For mail stem cut a strip 40cm long and fold it over ( not in exact halves as you want the scrolled ends to finish one lower than the other) and loosely roll the ends over in the opposite directions to form the base for the main red flower head to rest on.

Repeat with smaller lengths as per pattern in same paper.

Construction Method in Your Quilling Project:

1. To cardstock ( card front) adhere the pieces as per picture. The main red marquise flower has 16 shapes. make a layer of 8 shapes, in a circle, adhered directly to the card with a small amount of PVA glue on toothpick and then let dry a little. top this with the second layer of 8 marquise pieces by placing over the GAPS between each petal and secure with more adhesive. Fill centre with small seed beads in a puddle of glue to make the flower centre.

2. Using pattern (black and white pic) as a guide to relative placement, adhere to the card about 2 cm South East of the main red flower, the 4 deep yellow teardrop shapes in a circle with ends pointing outward and fill the centre gap with a glued on round bead as flower centre. The gaps between the tops of the teardrop petals are then filled with the 3 small deep yellow bunny ear shapes( see pic) The remaining 2 deep yellow bunny ear shapes can be attached as "drops" when stem placement is complete, near top of card.

3. Adhere tight roll (pale yellow) to card approx 2 cm South West of the main red marquise flower and around it arrange and adhere the 4 larger red bunny ear shapes as petals.

4. Stems: Arrange the doubled up strips ( glue their inner surfaces together just leaving the scrolled ends free) as stems for the flowers as shown in pic. Adhere the scrolls and the edges of the stems to the card as shown with PVA glue, defining their final position on the card.

5. The Bud: Roll the remaining full length deep green strip into a tight roll. Glue end down. Use a small end of a pen ( or similar) to gently push out the middle of the shape away from the centre of the roll. Do this evenly so that it forms a cone shape. Line the centre with a little glue so it will retain it's shape. Fill this with a 10 cm strip of fringed yellow paper that has been made into a tightroll and glued. It will peep out of the top like a flowerbud.

The Bud section is optional if you have not covered the making of fringed flowers yet, but does finish the card off nicely.

6. Stickers enhance the edge of the card, top and bottom but are of course optional.

Photos of Paper Quilling Projects

Quilling Project #1
Quilling Project #2
Quilling Project #2
Quilling Project #4

Quilling Project #5


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