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The quilling art (paper scroll work) has the advantage of being inexpensive, requires no special quilling tools and can be enjoyed by any age group. To practice

quilling art

the various shapes, you can make decorated gift tags and flower picture (links to these projects are at the bottom of this page). This art of paper filigree work is accomplished by rolling narrow strips of paper into scrolls and gluing them together.

You will need quilling paper; which can be purchased at most hobby supply stores, or you can cut your own 1/8-inch strips in lengths of about 8 inches. Also required is a quilling tool or a tooth- pick (the quilting tool makes tighter scrolls), craft glue, straight pins, a ruler and a quilling board, which is a piece of corrugated cardboard with wax paper wrapped around it.

Hold the quilting tool in one hand and with the thumb and index finger of the other hand press the end of the paper around the tool and begin rolling the paper. Roll tightly, keeping the edges even.

All rolls begin with a loose circle and are shaped by pinching one or both sides. Here are some basic quilling scrolls for you to practice...

Remove roll from tool and glue end.
Remove roll from tool, let it loosen about twice its size and glue end.
Pinch one side of roll.
Pinch on opposite sides of roll.
These scrolls may be rolled from one or both ends.
These scrolls may be rolled from one or both ends.

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