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According to Wikipedia, Quilling is the art of creating decorative designs from thin strips of curled paper. This age-old art of paper quilling has been around since Renaissance which dates back to about 3 to 4 centuries during the time when the nuns used small edges trimmed from the Bible pages to create simple but beautiful form of artistry.

Using simple tools, long strips of paper are tightly wound and released to form complicated and complex shapes. This form of art was also known as "Paper Filligree".

Because of how the scrapped of paper were wrapped around goose quilles to create "coiled shapes", it was later known as "Quilling".

On this website, you'll find loads of interesting resources about the basics, history of paper quilling, quilling tools and kits, quilling supply, quilling pattern and much more.

Here are some of the stuff you'll find on this website.

Introduction To The Art of Quilling - Lana J. Bates shows you the some of the things to get you started in paper quilling.

History Of Paper Quilling - A brief history on how the craft started and originated, from countries to the how the society was involved and much more.

Free Pattern & Design Samples - Presents of the basic designs and techniques for simple quilling ideas.

Basic Projects to Get Started - Free quilling projects to get you started

Paper Quilling Board - Where to find the best quilling board for your quilling projects

Books/Educational Resources - Some recommended books and resources to learn more about the art of paper quilling

Quilling Supply - This is where you would find some of the best suppliers you could get on the Internet.




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